1. Fill out application form(s):


    1. Shot Put (individual):

    2. Tug of War (team):

    3. Soccer (team):


  2. Pay participation fee


    1. Go to:

    2. In “Donation amount” enter $10 individual (Shot Put) or $100 per team (Soccer/Tug of War);

    3. In “Additional comments or questions related to this donation” enter “#serbfestdc #sport #{team or individual name}”


  3. Fill out and sign a waiver:


    1. Open, print, fill, sign and bring with you:

    2. For team sports ALL players need to sign individual waivers

    3. Due before competition starts (will be available at the door as well)!


  4. HAVE FUN!!

Kako da se prijavite za sportska takmicenja:


  1. Popunite prijavu:


    1. Bacanje kamena s ramena (pojedinac):

    2. Nadvlacenje konopca (tim):

    3. Mali Fudbal (tim):



  2. Uplatite ucesce


    1. Otvorite:

    2. U polju “Donation amount” unesite $10 za pojedinca (bacanje kamena) ili $100 za tim (fudbal / nadvlacenje konopa);

    3. U olju “Additional comments or questions related to this donation” unesite “#serbfestdc #sport #{ime pojedinca ili tima}”


  3. Popunite i potpisite "waiver":


    1. Otvorite, odstampajte, popinite i potpisite dokument:

    2. Za timske sportove svi ucesnici treba da potpisu poseban waiver

    3. Waiver je neophodno za ucesce u bilo kom sportu (waiveri ce biti dostupni n alicu mesta, pe pocetka takmicenja!


  4. Uzivajte!!

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